About Treetop Zen Center

Treetop Zen Center provides a relaxed place to practice zazen (meditation) and work with teachers in daisan (private, one-on-one interviews). Our central Maine location is close to both Waterville and Augusta. There are meditation sessions Monday through Saturday, half-day sits most months, and two annual weekend retreats (in mud season and autumn) and week-long retreats (spring sesshin and Rohatsu).

We welcome you to attend any event at any time.

We meet in the zendo, which is located above the garage just past the main house. Enter the garage through the door near the far right side of the building, leave your shoes, and come upstairs through the white door. If it’s your first visit, we recommend arriving 30 minutes early for a brief orientation. However, even if you arrive after we’ve already begun service or sitting, a senior student will be happy to show you around and assist you in getting settled in.

Zen Center altar

Meditation Schedule

The sitting schedule at Treetop is:

Wednesday at 7:00 PM: zazen and daisan

Saturday at 9:00 AM: zazen and daisan often preceded by service and followed with a dharma talk

1st Saturday of each month (beginning September 3rd) at 6:00 AM: half-day sit including oryoki breakfast, service, daisan, and a dharma talk (those who wish to start at the traditional 9:00 AM are free to do so)

For more information, please see our meditation schedule.

We’re excited to announce the creation of our new Portland affiliate under the guidance of Treetop Senior Teacher and Spiritual Director Peter Seishin Wohl. The group meets on Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM. The new zendo is located near Monument Square above the Roux & Cyr International Fine Art Gallery. Street parking is free after hours. All are welcome. If you have any questions, please contact us.

48 Free Street
Mezzanine Level
Portland, Maine

If you’re coming from the Lewiston or Augusta area, contact Jaime for available ride sharing to Oakland on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

If you’re coming from the Bangor area, contact Deborah for available ride sharing to Oakland on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Walking Tree Zen logo

If you’re near southwestern New Hampshire, there’s a new meditation group in Keene led by Todd Hotai Watson. Walking Tree Zen hosts weekly Zen meditation practice Tuesday evenings from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM in the Monadnock Waldorf High School building at 136 School Street in Keene, New Hampshire. Participation is free and open to anyone, and instruction is provided for beginners.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, December 8th, from 6:00 AM through 8:00 PM
This day-long silent sit honoring Buddha’s day of enlightenment includes service, meditation, daisan, and formal meals.

E-mail us for more information and/or to register.

Winter Sesshin
Saturday, January 7th, at 7:00 PM through Friday, January 13th, after lunch
This week-long sesshin includes service, meditation, daisan, formal meals, work practice, and dharma talks.

E-mail us for more information or click "Buy Now" to reserve your place.

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Treetop’s Peter Joryu Harris gave this seven-minute presentation on Zen as part of a Waterville PechaKucha:

What Is Zen?

Treetop’s Peter Seishin Wohl introduces Zen in this two-part dharma talk.

What Is Zen? (part 1)

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