Moosis Zen Journeys
Treetop guiding teacher Peter Seishin Wohl leads periodic wilderness trips combining the practice of Zen Buddhism with the insights of ecopsychology and the deep ecology movement.

White Plum Asanga
The White Plum Asanga is an organization of community leaders in the lineage of Hakuyū Taizan Maezumi Roshi, the Japanese teacher who brought our branch of the Zen family tree to the United States. Treetop’s teachers are all members.

Soto Zen Buddhist Association
The Soto Zen Buddhist Association is a professional organization of Soto Zen priests. Treetop teacher Jaime Heiku McLeod is a member.

Zen Peacemakers
Zen Peacemakers is an organization founded by Bernie Glassman, teacher of Treetop founder Stefano Mui Barragato, to promote socially engaged Buddhism.

Sweeping Zen
An excellent resource detailing who’s who and what’s what in the world of Zen practice in America.

Maine Buddhist Gathering
A comprehensive resource for opportunities to practice and study the wisdom of Buddha in Maine.